Large groups can be very beneficial while traveling, allowing more people to gather and make new memories. However, without proper planning, group trips can be very unpleasant. Many factors can go wrong when traveling with a large group, such as disagreements about the destination, budget, and expectations. Here are some tips to make your trip go off without a problem.

Consider Packing Lightly

Although most travel advisors will tell you to pack light, this advice is especially critical when planning a group tour. Before you leave, you’ll most likely be responsible for handling all of your bags. If you’re planning on taking your bag, you might have to find a way to fit it into a train compartment or a hotel room.

Try to Be Patient

Getting around with a group is not easy, especially if you have to walk a long distance. With a group of people, it can take approximately 20 minutes to reach a destination you could have quickly gone to on your own. You might also have to wait for someone to open the gift shop or end your visit early due to a bathroom issue.

Traveling with a group can be very different from going on your own. However, try to avoid getting carried away by the group’s behavior.

Have a Group Leader

Establishing a group leader is one of the first steps in planning a group trip. This individual or group will coordinate various aspects of the trip, such as making reservations and planning activities. They can also help spread the word about the journey by disseminating information about the destination.

After establishing a group leader, gather all members for a general planning meeting to discuss the trip and its various aspects. This time, you can pick a specific date that will coincide with the group’s schedule and personal life goals.

List the Group Itinerary and Preferences

Most group trips can take weeks to organize, as they usually have to make reservations for flights, hotels, and restaurants. During the planning phases, keep everyone updated with the latest information about the trip.

Use apps such as Google Docs or shared iPhone notes to keep the party up-to-date with the latest information about the trip. Having a list of all the details about the trip can help everyone feel comfortable and make sure everyone knows what’s happening. Also, by dropping links for various information, such as the hotel and the day trip, everyone can quickly ask questions and raise concerns.