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Andrew Hutchings hails from Long Beach, California. Over the span of his 40-year stint as a real estate mogul, he has earned himself a sterling reputation as a force to be reckoned with. One of the luxuries of having decades of success under his belt is that Andrew can now choose when to work. He runs his business out of his home and has the pick of the litter when it comes to property selections. 

Andrew hit the ground running fresh out of high school. His parents raised him with a solid work ethos, and he followed in their footsteps by going to work with Century 21, learning the basics of the real estate trade. While he was employed, Andrew simultaneously earned a bachelor’s degree in business finance with a focus on real estate. Andrew received his broker’s license at the age of 22, and he started his own office four years later, never looking back.

Andrew Hutchings is the perfect example of how successful someone can become by working hard. Everything he has he earned himself, and he is now at the point in his life where he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor. As the boss of his own company, not only does Andrew get to choose his own hours, but he also gets to network and interact with clients whenever he decides. His clients are frequently as close to him as his friends are, and he has made countless valuable connections over the past four decades.

Andrew has a variety of hobbies and interests, with travel being at the top of the list. His father worked for an airline, which gave him and his siblings the tremendous opportunity to travel the world. Andrew has been around the globe at least 11 times. He has a particular fondness for Europe and is enchanted by its rich history. Hawaii, Brazil, and the Caribbean also have special places in his heart for being luxurious paradises. Mexico holds an ancestral appeal since Andrew is of Mexican descent. Whenever he has the opportunity, he likes to visit relatives and savor the culture and cuisine. Next on his list is domestic travel and an exploration of the United States.

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Andrew Hutchings Long Beach