Who doesn’t love to combine two passions together? The idea of combining the love of wine with the love of travel is an enchanting one – and there are plenty of destinations that fit this specialized requirement.

These days, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect vacation for wine lovers. Vineyards and distilleries have learned to make events out of it, which means the guests will get the best experience ever. Here are some of the top wine locations.

Tuscany, Italy

Naturally, one of the top places to visit is Tuscany, Italy. Italy is known for the grapes it grows, with Tuscany being one of the most world-renowned wine regions. Throw in the countryside and sights, and it is no wonder that this is a popular destination.

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal, is another popular destination that has become more common for travelers in recent years. The vineyards here are over two thousand years old, and not much has changed – thus the appeal.

Vienna, Austria

Next up on the list is Vienna, Austria. This may surprise some, but Vienna is the only world capital that produces wine in any significant quantities. In other words, for those looking to experience the city while also enjoying lots of wine, Vienna is the place to go. 

Valais, Switzerland

For wine lovers looking for a unique experience, Valais is a must-visit location. The wine made in Valais hardly ever crosses the borders, so it promises to be a rare experience for those that travel within the city. 

Santiago, Chile

Admittedly, Santiago, Chile, maybe better known for its outstanding cuisine. But don’t ever forget that it has vineyards capable of keeping up with the dining scene. Santiago also has a unique opportunity, housing an authentic urban winery (Vina Santa Carolina). 

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

For those looking for a truly remarkable experience, there’s always Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Every year, Languedoc-Roussillon hosts an annual wine festival (Jazz à l’Hospitalet), making it the perfect destination/event combo for wine lovers worldwide.

Tasmania, Australia

Last but certainly not least, there’s Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania is best known for its chardonnay and pinot noir, yet it has many other options rising in popularity. This, in combination with the scenery, makes it the perfect vacation spot for many.